Vinyl Wraps LA has its own modern automotive workshop that is used exclusively for wrapping vehicles in customized vinyl graphics. Our primary location is in the city of Los Angeles, and we gladly accept orders from customers from other parts of southern California. Our professional technicians follow the most rigorous industry standards to guarantee superior craftsmanship in the installation of vinyl wraps on all kids of vehicles, commercial and passenger. At Vinyl Wraps LA, we fully understand the complex science of vehicle paint on a molecular level. The first priority is to clean body paint with some type of alcohol solution. Grease and dirt should be removed from the paint before layers of vinyl are applied. Additionally, the surface of a vehicle has to be completely dry prior to wrapping. Otherwise, air bubbles could gradually form under the vinyl wraps. During the installation process, we gently use scalpels, blades and razor knives to puncture any patches of vinyl that have air bubbles and other pockets of moisture. Speaking of moisture, we design our vehicle wraps with waterproof properties to withstand rain and other forms of precipitation. Lamination guarantees that the colored displays on the wraps will be protected for many years on the busy highways of Los Angeles. In fact, laminated layers repel exhaust gases that would otherwise settle down on unprotected surfaces of a vehicle.

Vehicle Wraps by Vinyl Wraps LA

Vinyl Wraps LA believes that getting your car wrapped should be a fun experience. After all, your business's information will now be on display for all to see. Inspiring potential customers to approach you, your vehicle wrap will do the work for you. Whether you're stopping for a quick coffee or making a run to the hardware store, people will be able to see what you're trying to promote. In some ways, a vehicle wrap can function in a similar manner as passive income. While you're simply going about your day, your car wrap is attracting potential clients—and revenue—to your business. However, not just any auto wrap will do. Because Vinyl Wraps LA is situated in the city that started it all—Los Angeles—we know how to wrap your vehicle better than anyone else. Working with you to create a custom design that appeals to the customer base you want to draw, we craft the perfect vinyl car wrap for your needs. Customer service is extremely important to us, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that you're happy with your car wrap. Taking great pride in our work, we view every job as a kind of art installation. As your car makes its way down every street, we want people to take notice of it—and to start thinking about how your business can possibly serve them.