Vinyl Wraps LA

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Corporate & Custom vinyl vehicle wraps for your business or matte, gloss, & chrome car wraps.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

To create exterior finishes that get them noticed when they drive, locals rely on Vinyl Wraps LA and our superior staff, technology and service. We help the cars, vans and SUVs of LA become custom dream machines. From glossy to matte to uniquely printed, our vinyl wraps are exceptional!

Fleet Wraps

When it comes to their services, Vinyl Wrap LA has proven to all of their clients and the entire city that they have superior services available compared to all of their competitors. The reason they are able to provide such superior services is thanks to the excellence of their staff and their prior experience.

Vinyl Signs

We do more than wrap autos in exceptional finishes. At Vinyl Wraps LA, we apply the same passion for our industry and attention to service to the pursuit of supplying eye-catching signs and banners. We use the best materials and think of our vinyl signs and banners as art works.

Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl Wraps LA offers decorative decals for vehicles in the Los Angeles metro area of southern California. This is a company with years of experience in printing and applying colorful vinyl wraps over paint surfaces of automobiles. Vinyl Wraps LA uses wraps that have strong adhesive properties for long-lasting bonds with the exterior of cars including glass windshields. It's even possible to tailor the vinyl sheets to fit over side mirrors, roof rails, spoilers and other protrusions wit irregular shapes. Vinyl Wraps LA further laminates the surface of vinyl car wraps to resist fading from exposure to UV rays and wind.

Fleet Wraps

Vinyl Wraps LA firmly believes that commercial vehicles with custom vinyl wraps can attract a lot of new clients for companies. A fleet wrap can get the message across to many consumers in a given region such as the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The custom decals can be precisely applied over vans, trucks and buses with large surface areas. Vinyl Wraps LA uses the latest tools to measure the proper dimensions of the parts of vehicles that will be covered in colorful wraps. The company's staff carefully bonds the fleet wraps onto exterior paint surfaces without causing any damage at all.

Wall Decals and Signs

Vinyl Wraps LA has proven to all of their past and present clients that they are by far the best company to come to when looking for any sort of vinyl wrapping services. Everyone that they hire is by far the best in the industry, and some of their most popular services are having wall decals and signs created. They have worked for businesses and individuals, but regardless of who their client is, the staff at Vinyl Wraps LA always provides the best services and products available.