Vinyl Wraps LA has superb skills in applying custom graphics on different types of vehicles including trucks, vans and buses. Our forte is in decorating commercial fleets with vinyl wraps that are attractive and durable. Businesses in the Los Angeles metropolitan area could penetrate the local marketplace by using fleet wraps to advertise products and services. Our vinyl vehicle wraps are designed to optimize visibility among millions of potential viewers throughout the years. We ensure that the fleet wraps will not get damaged by common road conditions and weather elements in the Los Angeles area. For example, lamination protects the vinyl wraps from exhaust gases that tend to pollute busy highways and roads. Anti-glare protection is also available for fleet wrappings that are exposed to intense solar rays on a daily basis. However, we still highly recommend that commercial fleets be parked in shaded settings such as indoor parking garages. Such a habit will prolong the longevity of the vinyl graphics. Vinyl Wraps LA also offers repair services for damaged vehicle wraps. For example, air bubbles might create wrinkles and creases under the vinyl graphics. We could eliminate such problems by precisely cutting small holes with utility knives and other hand tools. The damaged patches are removed and then new patches are installed to blend in with the existing vinyl wrap on a commercial fleet.

Fleet Wraps by Vinyl Wraps LA

It's no wonder that Los Angeles is king when it comes to car culture. Angelenos spend an absurd amount of time on the 405 and the 101, fighting traffic to get to where they need to go. However, there is an opportunity amidst all of this traffic. Drivers are a captive audience for advertising as they sit in their cars, and what better way to get their attention than to drive your wrapped vehicle right in front of them? Some experts have even said that auto wraps get as many daily impressions from potential customers as billboards do. However, our wraps are much more affordable than a billboard. Fleet Wraps knows how to create your unique vehicle wraps—your moving billboards—with more style than any other provider in the area. With custom designs and an eye for what's hot, we wrap your vehicles in the best design possible. Everyone knows that it's not 2004 anymore—not any wrap is going to cut it. Your business needs the most cutting-edge design with the cleanest application, and we can provide that for you. Furthermore, our extraordinary customer service sets us even higher above our competitors. For L.A. vinyl wrap experts that you can trust, look no further than Fleet Wraps.