Offering car wrapping services, Vinyl Wraps LA employs the most qualified technicians in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Our professionals take pride in customizing all kinds of vehicles with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. We take a sequential and logical approach to wrapping cars in premium vinyl graphics. First, designers use software to come up with unique logos and other images that will appear on the exterior of vehicles. The position of the graphics can also be simulated on computer software that generates 3D representations of cars. Marketing experts also provide some suggestions on the best spots to install vinyl decals and stickers. For example, company logos should ideally be displayed on the front doors of a vehicle. Contact information is typically printed on vinyl sheets that are wrapped around the rear of a vehicle. The front fender of a car usually has just colorful images without any text. Similarly, the hood of a car can be decorated with pinstripes and other geometric patterns that are consistent with a company's existing brand and logo. During the installation process, Vinyl Wraps LA checks for any bumps and dents in the vinyl wraps. Thermodynamic heating and cooling processes are used to ensure a tight bond between the vinyl graphics and paint. Additionally, vacuum suction can also fix any uneven protrusions in vinyl wraps that cover glass windshields and body paint.

Vehicle Wraps by Vinyl Wraps LA

Vinyl Wraps LA installs premium vehicle wraps for two types of applications. The first use for car wraps is primarily for aesthetic and decorative purposes. The second use of fleet wraps is for advertising purposes. Whether it is for a sports car or a transit van, we could apply a custom vinyl wrap for just about any kind of commercial vehicle or passenger car. Our team consists of technicians, marketing experts and graphic designers who all work diligently together to deliver superior service in vinyl wrapping for clients in the Los Angeles area. A commercial car can be easily transformed into a rolling billboard that is highly visible on the busy highways in the Los Angeles metropolitan region. In fact, this geographic area has some of the busiest vehicular traffic in the United States of America. Therefore, we understand how to capitalize on great opportunities to advertise businesses on custom car wraps. When we print vinyl sheets, we surely take into consideration the climate and weather of southern California. We make every effort possible to apply anti-glare layers onto vehicle wraps. Such a finish prevents glare from the sun in the day to ensure that the graphics on vinyl wraps can be seen by motorists and pedestrians. Additionally, anti-glare technology reduces some of the blinding reflections that may come from car headlights that are set on high beam mode.